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About Us  
Bobbi Black RN CLNC owner/principal of A Legal Resource Service is an active RN with 25 years of clinical nursing experience, working one-to-one with physicians in office based practice, out reach clinics as well as operating room first assistant. Certified through the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultant she has provided medical-legal solutions to attorneys as an independent consultant since 2001; CV available upon request.
Our Mission  
Our mission is to work as an extension of our attorney clients to expeditiously achieve the most economical approach to revealing all the medical facts involved in health-related case. Standing by our values of integrity and commitment to top quality service, we believe that as your Certified Legal Nurse Consultant it is our responsibility to create solutions to help you understand the health care issues involved in your cases, allowing you more time to focus on the aspects law and concentrate on providing services to your client at the highest levels.
Our Company
A Legal Resource Service is a midwest-based litigation support company. Our staff is composed experienced healthcare professionals and we consult with attorneys on medically related legal matters. Our Registered Nurses are certified in legal nurse consulting and have been trained describe the pathophysiological process and integrate the documented medical events with the appropriate medical reference material. As healthcare professionals, we often uncover issues and facts that can be easily overlooked by a non-medical person. Our strategic network includes a physician/pharmacist and medical illustrator, who work together to illustrate the intricate medical aspects of the injury. Studies show that the learning process is 95% visual, so the more demonstrative evidence you can produce, the better the chances of convincing the jury. We keep an extensive database of testifying healthcare professionals, a library of medical resources and are adept to electronic research. We have had experience with both plaintiff and defense cases and provide services to attorneys, insurance companies and other healthcare organizations who deal with health-related litigation. We are experts at critiquing the medical record and other healthcare documents. Our knowledge allows us to quickly and efficiently pull together all the medical facts and help our attorney clients develop winning strategies.
Legal Nurse Consultants
A Legal Nurse Consultant is a Registered Nurse who uses her nursing knowledge and expertise to help attorneys demystify the medical issues involved in a health-related case. As an insider we offer perspective on the health-related practice and procedure as well as an clear understanding of the medical facts. Nursing certification is awarded to RN’s who have fulfilled the requirements and passed examination. As professionals, we follow medical ethics as well as the ABA ethics of confidentiality in client communication.
Our History
Recognizing a void in the medical resources available to attorneys, A Legal Resource Service was established in 2001, to provide comprehensive, professional support to attorneys who deal with issues involving health, illness or injury. Currently, both plaintiff and defense attorneys “tap” into our clinical experience in order to bridge the gap between the medical information and legal aspects of a health-related case.

Health-related cases are typically complex, requiring analysis of voluminous medical records and/or related healthcare documents. Our legal nurse consultants translate this technical information into understandable terms; format the information in a manner it can be easily understood and support it with appropriate medical literature or standards of care. We maintain a database of healthcare professional allows which allows us to connect our attorney clients with the appropriate medical / nursing testifying experts.

Medical literature and/or standards of care can make or break a case. We perform medical literature research internally, externally and electronically. Adept to the medical “mumbo-jumbo” we can quickly access the material, translate the highly technical medical information into understandable concepts, provide background documentation on key points and integrate the appropriate medical literature, into the theme of the case.

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and take the “maze and mystery” out of a health-related case

  • Experience: We have “walked the walk” and “talked the talk” and can bring our nursing expertise to your table, offer a timesaving, economical approach to organizing and interpreting all the medical information.
  • Knowledgeable: We understand medical issues and trends. By virtue of the process in which we were trained we are apt to patient education and we will explain the medical facts in a manner easily understood by the attorney, the client or the jury.
  • Cost effective: Health-related cases can be difficult and time consuming. We know where to look and can quickly access the information vital to you case.
  • Resourceful: We connect with an extensive group of healthcare professionals from various specialties, which allows us to connect you with the most appropriate healthcare expert to address the issues. Our extended network includes a physician/pharmacist and a medical illustrator that can help you demonstrate the medical facts.